Mediation Voucher Scheme

£500 towards your costs if you wish to mediate on your arrangements for your children

Relate Mediation London North East & Essex are pleased to be part of the new Family Mediation Voucher scheme which allows us to provide a £500 voucher to support the cost of mediation when parents need to agree arrangements for their children

The Ministry of Justice has introduced the scheme  to support families with the cost of mediation. The aim is to encourage parents to see the benefits of resolving their disagreements outside of the family court.

This will mean parents who have felt excluded from mediation due to the cost will now have the opportunity to mediate knowing their costs, if any, will be achievable.

Key Information for parents:


  • The vouchers are for mediating child arrangements only
  • The voucher can be used alongside legal aid
  • There is no application form to be completed – we do all the paperwork for you
  • The Mediator will talk to you about the scheme when you attend your MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting)
  • The voucher does not cover your Mediation Information meeting


Please call  020 8514 7880


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