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Most people who go to court on their own have never done so before. The court system is not set up to deal with litigants in person and this can mean people who represent themselves achieve worse outcomes compared to those who have representation.

A report completed by the Citizen Advice Bureau showed 9 out of 10 people questioned felt going to court without representation affected at least one aspect of their life.
The major issue being their mental health; the stress and anxiety they felt, the feeling of loneliness, the weight of responsibility and the lack of emotional support.

Litigants in person workshop

The aim of our workshop is to

1. Give you the basic knowledge of what happens at court

2. To help you prepare and know what to expect

3. To give you confidence in representing yourself

Our 4 hour workshop covers 5 modules from the decision to go to the family court to making an application and is only
£25 per person

Call 020 8514 7880 to book your place on the next workshop